बिहार की जया झा (NDTV Women of worth ) वुमन ऑफ़ वर्थ नामोनित| वोट करे

पूर्णिया के नवोदय से पढ़ी जया झा एनडीटीवी के वीमेन ऑफ़ वर्थ के लिए नामांकित हुई है | इनको वोट देकर हम बिहार की इस बेटी को ये सम्मान दिला सकते है |
Jaya is an author and speaker, having 3 poetry collections and 1 novel to her credit. She holds an MBA in Marketing & Strategy from IIM Lucknow and a B. Tech. in Computer Science from IIT Kanpur.As a co-founder of Pothi.com she looks after the marketing, finance and day to day operations.She worked with Google India in product management before starting Pothi.com in 2008. She believes in the disruptive power of technology, which is reinventing and will continue to reinvent the industry. At the same time, she sees publishing as an essentially human endeavour, an act of expression and communication.
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SmS द्वारा वोट करने के लिए WOW JJ लिखकर 56388 पर भेज दें |
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